Be The Spider In The Web

Whether we realize it or not, our ability to succeed develops through the relationships that we form in life. None of our ideas are original. Most of entrepreneurs find success when they network with other individuals and share their ideas with each other. If you think about it, Elon Musk wouldn’t of been able to launch of his successful companies without the help from others. Musk’s ability to network and develop a spiderweb of relationships allowed him to expand his horizon.

In an article about Elon Musk’s networking skills, it breaks down his skills into three strategies. The first being, “cold calling still works.” In general a cold call is when someone makes and unsolicited call whether it be in person or by telephone to sell goods or a service. Elon Musk said that this is how he landed his first internship with the head of strategy for the Bank of Nova Scotia, Peter Nicholson. By reaching out and pursuing what Musk wanted, he was able to navigate his way into an internship. Additionally, Musk wouldn’t of been able to get his internship  without taking a risk. Failure comes in many forms, some big and some small. However, whether we succeed or not, everyone will still learn something from that situation to better them self and others. Another element that allowed Musk to network successfully was his ability to “be in the right zip code.”What this means is that in order to expand and grow your network you have to place yourself in the right incubation. Musk noticed in order for him to accomplish his goals in life, he has to moved to the growing petri of Silicon Valley. This allowed Musk to network with the “BigDogs” spread his spiderweb. I feel that a lot of people struggle with this networking strategy because they feel that they don’t need to work with others to succeed. The “I can do it by myself” saying is what separates success from failure. Our ability to recognize and accept  these situations will in the end allow us to succeed. In most instances, two brains are better than one. The last strategy Musk expanded on was his ability to override his fears. Fear is something that we all share. It’s a common ground that allow one another to connect and share. This connection from the things that we fear is what allows to to influence others. Fear is normal.

In order for your ideas to become reality you must accept the become familiar  that networking has on your ideas. Whether it be cold calling, being in the right zip code, or overriding your fears all of these strategies are core building blocks to networking. Just like my as blog post, I would like to leave you guys with a couple of things to brainstorm about.

1) Are there any opportunities that you’ve missed out on recently because you feared failing.

2) What is one step that you can take everyday to develop/build your networking web

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