Future of Transportation

Greenhouse gases or GHG levels have been increasing gradually in recent years. These gases trap heat in our atmosphere by absorbing and emitting radiation through thermal energy. While there are many GHG’s some of the most common ones are water vapor,carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxides and fluorinated gases. Nearly 60% of carbon dioxide is produced from small vehicles and 23% is produced from larger transportation vehicles. These high levels of GHG’s can negative impact our environment. Observable changes that occur included increase  in temperature and an increase water temperature. Thus, all of these changes modify existing ecosystems that then become non-adaptable for some species. With relatively recent news about the impacts of GHG’s companies have been developing new methods to minimize the GHG pollutants.

One of the main companies that has been involved in this movement is Elon Musk company Tesla. Musk focuses his company around developing electric cars to minimize the release of toxic pollutants into our atmosphere. However, one thing that separates Tesla from other electric companies is that Musk has develop Luxurious cars with a modern tone. Recently, Tesla has released a sneak peek of their semi-truck line. This semi-truck isn’t like any other diesel powered truck, it’s 100% electric. At first some truck drivers were concerned about the horsepower and torque produced by Tesla model. Tesla has made a huge evolutionary change to the way that we transport goods. People never thought that an electric semi-truck would suit the needs of transportation vehicles. They thought that Tesla model wouldn’t be able to tow enough weight. However, Musk made sure to make performance was his top priority. The performance of semi-trucks is very important because it allows transportation of greater amounts of material. Additionally, people wonder how far would this semi-truck be able to travel on one charge. It turns out that 80% of the transportation routes are less then 250 miles one way. This is critical information because Tesla semi-truck are able to travel 500 miles on just one charge. Thus, you’re able to travel to your destination and back on just one charge. The range of this battery eliminates the tendency to stop and charge up again. While the performance of this semi-truck is top of the line it also allows increases the efficiency of the drivers.

Something that I will be taking away from this article is that Tesla always creates new things with the world in mind in first. What I mean by this is that Tesla incorporates pieces of the environment into their products. They hope that by introducing their latest technologies to world that other companies will jump onto board with them. The world is slowly suffocating from the toxic pollutants that some our unaware of. I think about introducing new technologies to the world people will become more aware of the impacts of our daily actives that destroy the atmosphere. Personally, I wouldn’t mind driving a luxurious tesla that saves me money and helps the environment.


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