The ongoing encounter of networking!

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been further improving the design of the UV-Tensil case. So far we’ve rounded the edges, made the case thinner, smoothed the wood, and finished with a beautiful dark walnut wood stain. These few simple steps have added great value to the case and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers. Unfortunately, we are still having trouble with the uv-light itself. Specifically, we are having trouble developing a technique that allows the light to turn on when the case closes. While this is setting us back a few steps its a minor setback in the realm of everything.

Besides the development of our product, there is more exciting news that is happening within the next few weeks. Our team has signed up for the Innovation Challenge which is a fun activity that everyone is thrilled to be participating in. We’ve started gathering information from our experiments that will help us develop a promising presentation to the judges. For instance, today we launched our pre-sale exhibition and have sold over $900 in cases in 5 hours! Furthermore, we will be conducting an official experiment illustrating how effective our uv-light is at destroying harmful bacteria. Specifically, our experiment will be analyzing two different common bacterias found in colleges: Streptococcal bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus. Streptococcal bacteria is a common bacteria that has shown to be associated with strep throat. This bacteria is highly contagious and can spread easily through the air. Staphylococcus aureus is a common bacteria found on almost everyone. It can cause a wide range of things such as pimples to more severe things like pneumonia and meningitis.

What’s next?

I am continuing to grow my spider web of connections by networking with others in the entrepreneurial world. Expanding my web is easy but also a difficult thing to achieve. Being a student in five other classes while also trying to manage my group has been an eventful task. However, during all of this, I have found time to reach out to successful entrepreneurs who have been happy to help me. They have provided me with guidance as to what I should prioritize, other angels of approaching problems, and also putting me in contact with others. Next week I’m hoping to meet with an engineer who specializes in different designs with a variety of materials. This is will be helpful with the mechanical issues that I’ve been dealing with thus far.

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